A book. A bigger book. Say hello to the Wilder Annual.

A lot has been going on over the last few months at Wilder HQ. People are having babies, getting their MFAs, setting up a homestead and all of us are trying to figure out how to make a print publication sustainable. Naturally, the solution to the latter? Make a print publication.

Yup. Artisan Books, the publisher's behind some of your favorites books such as this, this or this, has teamed up with us to create the Wilder Annual: an exploration of and essential knowledge from the growing and natural world. This summer, Abbye, Molly and I, are going to be writing and shooting the 200+ page which will include everything you need to grow, cook and create throughout the seasons.

A new look, new attitude.

As you may have noticed, Wilder has gotten a face lift. We've got a brand new website to go along with a brand new publishing schedule. From here on out, Wilder will be bi-annual: a Fall/Winter, as well as a Spring/Summer edition. Why you ask? Lots of reason, but mostly, because each issue is created by a dedicated and amazing team of freelancers. We wanted to spend more time making each issue awesome than burning ourselves out on a punishing production schedule. 

Each issue will still be packed full of interviews, art, chefs and how-tos along with new ideas, fresh takes and wanderings through the natural world. 

We hope you love our next issue.



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