Wilder Monthly

Wilder Monthly gives Wilder Quarterly readers a digestible monthly installment of the print publication’s objective: exploring the natural world season by season through growing, food, wilderness exploration, crafting and culture. 

This month's content includes:

  • how to grow citrus in your home  
  • an original recipe from our editor Abbye Churchill on how to make TK
  • dig into land art with a 101 on the art form
  • get 9 Steps to building a communal homestead
  • an interview with Lebanon's culinry activist Kamal Mouzawak


Desert Blooms: The Blossoms of the American Southwest

When mountains block the path of precipitation, they cause rain shadows: vast areas of dry land. This describes the deserts of the American Southwest. In such cruel conditions, it’s a wonder anything exists at all, let alone blooms.  [Read more]

The Oregon Trail: Mushroom Joe & the Art of Mushroom Buying

Stepping into the wet, dewy forest shortly after a fresh rain spell is a heavenly set of circumstances for the lone mushroom hunter. It is both an art form and a survival skill––a space where applying focus, patience, intuition and curiosity are beyond necessity. Spotting a secret flush of matsutake "pine mushrooms" hidden below tiny mountains of damp emerald green moss, or the entrance of freshly crested morels... [Read more]


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